Doņa Ana County Historical Society
Las Cruces, Doņa Ana County, New Mexico

Monthly Presentation Recordings
        Jan. 28, 2021 - DACHS Annual Awards Event (Banquet in pre-pandemic days)

        Feb. 18, 2021
- History of Wildlife at White Sands Missile Range by Jim Eckles

        April 15, 2021
- New Mexico's Climate - History and Citizen Scientists by Dr. David DuBois

        May 20, 2021
- The History of Blackdom, a black community in N.M. by Dr. Timothy E. Nelson

        Sept. 16, 2021 - Japanese Internment During WWII by Dr. Selfa Chew
        Oct.. 21, 2021 - Urban Renewal in Las Cruces by Dylan McDonald and Jennifer Olguin

        Nov. 18, 2021 - Military Aviation in Southern New Mexico by Garland Courts

        Feb. 17, 2022 - All Over New Mexico - The Dale Bellamah Addition and Other Midcentury Neighborhoods by Dr. Jerry Wallace

        March 17, 2022 - Early Aviation in Las Cruces by Jennifer McClung

        April 21, 2022 - The Camino Real de Tierra Adentro - A Living Historic Cultural Landmark by Al Borrego

        May 19, 2022 - Sing The Legend, a live musical performance by Dan Crow

        Sept. 15, 2022 - Value, History and Sustainability: Historic Preservation in Las Cruces by Dr. Troy Ainsworth

        Oct. 20, 2022 - Educating the Enemy by Dr. Jonna Perrillo

        Nov. 17, 2022 - The Rough Riders and New Mexico by Brig. Gen. Jack Fox

        March 2023 - While not a monthly history presentation, we posted Morris Drexler's photos of the St. Genevieve's in the 1960s
        April 20, 2023 - An Update On the Restoration of the Amador Hotel by Dr. Deb Dennis

        May 18, 2023 - The Amador Family Women and Kin Work Across the Mesilla Valley by Dr. Katherine Massoth

        October 19, 2023 - 450 Tons of Gold Or One Whale of a Tall Tale by Jim Eckles

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