Doa Ana County Historical Society
Las Cruces, New Mexico

BOX 16045
Las Cruces, NM 88004

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Our Mission

Encourage and preserve the historical and
cultural heritage of Southern New Mexico

Doa Ana County Historical Society
In 1963 the Doa Ana Historical Society was formed to preserve the Fort Selden adobe ruins. The goals were "to encourage in every way possible a greater appreciation of New Mexico history, especially that of Doa Ana County." Since that time, our members have worked on many projects and activities to build awareness of the historical significance of Doa Ana County.
Our monthly newsletter keeps everyone informed of up coming programs and activities related to historical events, personalities, and topics.
At the annual Awards Banquet, the Society recognizes individuals who make historical contributions to Doa Ana County, historically significant structures, new structures conforming to regional architectural standards.
Other activities include field trips to historical sites; sponsoring historical symposia and symposia papers; and publishing the annual Southern New Mexico Historical Review. For information about submissions to the Review check here
We also support and participate with other historical institutions and activities in New Mexico. We work to establish collections that help preserve historical documents and artifacts. We are active in sponsoring and supporting the preservation of historical buildings and in promoting research and education.

Programs / Events

Meetings are held at Good Samaritan Village in the Stucky Auditorium downstairs in the main activities building, 3011 Buena Vida Cir., at 7 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Nov. 20, 2014
Nathan Brown, Digital Projects Librarian @NMSU
The controversy surrounding the name of the NMSU yearbook - The Swastika and The Phoenix.
Jan. 31, 2015
12 Noon
The annual awards luncheon at the Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla. Reservations required. Besides awards, program will include a presentation on the old St. Genevieve church.

DACHS Endowment Fund, Scholarships, and Grants

The Doa Ana County Historical Society, at its regular meeting on November 15, 2007, announced the availability of two scholarships and a research grant. The awards will be available annually beginning in January 2008. A $1,200 scholarship available to a history student in the Department of History at NMSU will be funded from general revenue until such time as interest from a newly-established DACHS Endowment Fund will provide sufficient funds. This scholarship is named "The Mary and J. Paul Taylor Scholarship" in recognition of contributions made by the Taylor family to the historical records and cultural enhancement of Doña Ana County. See for information Scholarship and Endowment page.

Members of the Society and others in the community are encouraged to make tax-deductible contributions to the DACHS Endowment Fund through cash donations, memorials, or provisions for an estate distribution. Checks should be made payable to "DACHS Endowment Fund," and sent to DACHS, P.O. Box 16045, Las Cruces, NM 88004.

The second scholarship in the amount of $250 is available to a graduating high school senior who participates in the New Mexico State National History Day competition and who continues his or her education at one of New Mexico's colleges or universities. See for information Scholarship and Endowment page.

DACHS provides a $500 Research Grant available to professional, amateur, independent, or student researchers who are involved in research about the history, archeology, anthropology, or ethnohistory of Doa Ana County.
All are welcome to apply. Applications will be accepted September 1 through March 31. Preference will be given to projects that meet the mission of the DACHS.
All funded projects must result in a written final report to DACHS (not to exceed 1000 words) and a public presentation (i.e. article for the DACHS's Southern New Mexico Historical Review, a lecture, or an exhibit). For further information check the Scholarship and Endowment Fund page .

Our Commitment

It is to encourage and promote a greater appreciation and knowledge of the historical and cultural heritage of Southern New Mexico. One of our major goals is to promote the establishment of a museum to house the many historically significant artifacts which are now scattered in various repositories around the county.

Join us as we continue our goal of preserving the history of Doa Ana County. Your reward will be increased knowledge and satisfaction of a job well done that you will be proud of passing on to your children. You will also receive a copy of the Southern New Mexico Historical Review. See below for a link to a printable membership form.
We keep in mind the significance of what famous author of "Roots" Alex Haley once said: "Every time an old person dies, a library burns down"
Click here for a Printable membership form

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Special Publications

The "Southern New Mexico Historical Review" is an annual publication normally published in January of each year.  It is a Journal containing articles written by various professional and amateur historians.  The articles cover historical events and people from the southern New Mexico and northern Mexico region.  First published in 1994, they have been published each year since.  Below are links to each year's issue.

January 1994
Historical Review
January 1995
Historical Review
January 1996
Historical Review
January 1997
Historical Review
January 1998
Historical Review
January 1999
Historical Review
January 2000
Historical Review
January 2001
Historical Review
January 2002
Historical Review
January 2003
Historical Review
January 2004
Historical Review
January 2005
Historical Review
January 2006
Historical Review
January 2007
Historical Review
January 2008
Historical Review
January 2009
Historical Review
January 2010
Historical Review
January 2011
Historical Review
January 2012
Historical Review
January 2013
Historical Review
January 2014
Historical Revie

"Sagebrush and Sand Dunes" compiled by Dr Rick Hendricks and Martha Andrews Shipman ~ an anthology of southern New Mexico history commemorating New Mexico's centennial celebration, containing historical reminiscences, biographies, oral histories and academic articles about southern New Mexico.  Check it out on Amazon Sagebrush and Sand Dunes
"Early Days: First 150 Years of Las Cruces" ~ The golden days of yesteryear coming alive on a DVD of essential images of a photo story of Las Cruces. Created by Felix Pfaeffle and narrated by Oren Hayes with images primarily from the Rio Grande Historical Collection at the NMSU Library and Archives. Available from the historical society at the above address for $15.

"Las Cruces, New Mexico: Multicultural Crossroads" by Gordon Owen ~ an updated version of this popular book is now available.

See DACHS Publications page for these and other Society publications

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